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Colibrick is an external 24-bit A/D converter bringing with the precision of Int9 PCI cards and portability of U-PAD2 USB device.
Colibrick uses the USB port of your PC and thus is directly powered from it. The unit can be connected or disconnected anytime without the necessity to switch the computer off. The input connector is compatible with the internal INT7/9 boards and U-PAD/2 devices.

Colibrick is a modernized successor of bringing you the best of successful U-PAD2 converter and Int9 card.

Main features:
  • small and portable, USB powered box
  • 4 channels / 4 digital inputs / 8 digital TTL outputs

Description Order Quantity Unit Value
1-channel Colibrick A/D converter, includes cables [set] $490
2-channel Colibrick A/D converter; includes cables [set] $750
4-channel Colibrick A/D converter; includes cables [set] $1,000
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