Free Clarity Offline Software licence for Universities

Free Clarity Offline Chromatography SW for each purchased Clarity or Clarity Lite Chromatography Software.

In the educational environment, it is typical that multiple users share the same chromatograph. Universities will benefit from the Clarity Offline that will enable them to process data and prepare new methods offline on a separate PC while another user performs online analysis.

This offer applies to Clarity Chromatography Station and Clarity Lite Chromatography Station software purchased after 5th November 2005.

The extra license of the Clarity Offline Chromatography Station - an offline version of Clarity Chromatography Software - must be ordered together with your acquisition SW (Clarity/Clarity Lite p/n C50/C40; not valid for upgrades).

After the SW package has been delivered to you, you need only fill out a short registration form in order to get a user code for your Clarity Offline bonus.